Revolutionising Fitness Assessments

Gain Insights

Empowers Stakeholders with current and historical data.

Use the data to gain insights into their athlete's strengths and weaknesses for informed decision-making. Identify risks and prevent injuries before they occur.

Data-Driven Training Optimisations

Real-time dashboards, Reports & Insights.

Effortlessly elevate assessment outcomes with AssessPro's robust and automated reporting capabilities, instantly delivering individualized and group insights.


Automated Assessments

Effortless data collection with automated assessments.

AssessPro provides assessors with advanced tools that, ensures a time-efficient and easy process for accurate data collection during assessments.

Standardised Norms

Compare against age-group and gender benchmarks.

Correlate collected and historical data with standardised age-group and gender benchmarks/norms for informed decision-making.

A Game Changer in Sports Assessments
Instant Reports & Dashbords

Traditional Solutions

Fitness assessments are time-consuming and do not have a simplified process.

Fitness assessments are time-consuming and do not have a simplified process.

There is a huge delay between conducting assessments and publishing reports.

Conducted manually, and need more time & man power to conduct and oversee the process.

Data collected is highly prone to human & process errors.

Lack of historical records for effective training, injury prevention, and personalised health management

AssessPro's Solution

Reduces assessment time by 50% with automated tests and data collection.

Instant access to reports and dashboards upon assessment completion.

Minimal man power required to conduct assessments.

Highly accurate data with zero human intervention.

Full access to a centralized data store with historical trends/scores and actionable data/insights.